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JAZZ: Is an energetic, fun, and sassy style of dance consisting of unique moves, big jumps, kicks and turns. It will help improve your technique, flexibility, and stamina.  If you like dancing to the latest pop songs this class is for you.
BALLET: Ballet is the foundation and core of all dance styles.  This classical form of dance helps develop posture, grace and strength.  From beginner ballerinas learning the basic fundamentals such as positions of the feet and arms.  The more advanced dancer concentrates on body alignment which is the building block for other forms of dance.
ACRO: A combination of dance and gymnastic skills.  We focus on strength and flexibility while learning how to properly execute gymnastic skills such as cartwheels, walkovers and headstands.   

HIP HOP: This is a high energy class where you can let loose and get funky.  You will break dancing and free styling to all the latest music.

BOYS HIP HOP: This Boys only class is a high energy class where you can let loose and get funky.  You will be break dancing and free styling to all the latest music.

MINI DANCE: For dancers age 3 to 5 years old.  An introductory class giving these up-and-coming dancers the basic fundamentals of Ballet and Jazz.  We focus on rhythm, coordination, and balance while having fun creatively. 
LYRICAL: This allows a dancer to tell a story through movement and music.  It combines ballet and jazz technique while dancing with emotion.  

MUSICAL THEATRE: For Broadway stars!  This class combines dance technique with acting skills.  Students will learn how to develop characters and stories through the use of facial expressions and body movement while lip syncing to music.  This discipline works on developing strong performance skills.

TUMBLING: This class focuses on perfecting gymnastic skills as well as improving flexibility and strength.  Tumbling skills include walkovers, aerials, handsprings, etc. Prerequisite: Must be able to do a back bend and cartwheel. These skills are routinely learned in Acro. Recommended for Competitive Acro students. There is no end of the year recital dance for this class.

​TAP:  Have fun making sounds with your feet! Master rhythms and timing while improving musicality.

PARENT AND TOT: For children 1.5 to 2.5 years old.  This is a great way to introduce your child to music and movement using basic ballet and jazz technique with structured play. This half hour class is run in 8 week sessions.

YOGA:  Yoga is a wonderful way to develop body, mind and spirit.  The practice of yoga will help increase flexibility, muscle strength, tone and help with balance.  It will give you a sense of peace and well-being.